The hot spring of Chokai Onsen, which is a very rare brown chloride fountain, is very pleased with locals as a good moisturizing ingredient [hot water of beautiful skin] [warming hot water]. Please enjoy the two hot springs of [Nishihama Gensen] and [Chokai Gensen] at nature rich Toriumi hot-spring resort which contains a lot of hot spring ingredients that make skin beautiful.

“Chokai Onsen YURARI” · · · ·Nishihama Gensen
“Appon Nishihama” · · · · Nishihama Gensen, Chokai Gensen


Shonai pig’s shabu-shabu

Crab shabu-shabu
Grilled abalone


The type of room of Chokai Onsen Yurari is available for Japanese style and Western style, Japanese and Western type.The sun setting in the Sea of Japan is seen from the 6th floor, green from the 4th and 5th floor is green The blue pine is seen.

Japanese style room
[1 to 4 people]
Japanese-style room type
[2 to 4 people]
Western style type
[1 or 2 people]

Special room
[2 ~ 6 people]


Exhibition hall (1F)

Free exhibition that hosts nature and culture of Chokai as a permanent exhibition. We have established the Chokai Mountain Hijima Geopark Information Corner. Please feel free to visit.

Restaurant La · Mail (7F)

From the 7th floor, the viewing restaurant “La Mer” with a beautiful view of the Sea of ​​Japan. Please enjoy your meal in the superb view.


A ceiling decoration with a seagull as a motif in a lobby with plenty of openness in a colonnade. Receive warm sunshine and relax slowly.

Hotel front

Panoramic photos of Mt. Chokai are decorated at the front desk where guests are greeted.


Chokai Bunka hall (1F)

The “Toriumi Cultural Hall” of the space where the ceiling is very high and relaxed can be divided into 200 square meters × 2 depending on the application.

Seisho no ma (2F)

Japanese style room available for large banquets etc. Capacity for up to about 60 people is possible.

Shoro tei (2F)

It accommodates about 10 people in a Japanese style room tatami mat. It can be used for small and medium sized banquets.

Chokai (7F)

You can see the beautiful Sea of Japan from the top floor 7F “CHOKAI”.


Chokai Onsen Yurari is located in Yuza-machi, the northernmost of the Yamagata Prefecture, on the Japan Sea side.

Tokyo “Haneda Airport” → Yamagata “Shonai airport” About 1 hour,
“Shonai airport” → “JR Sakata station” It takes about 40 minutes by limousine bus,
“JR Sakata Station” → “JR Fukuura Station” about 20 minutes by regular train, 15 minutes walk to Chokai Onsen YURARI